Three Haiku on Crow

Some rights reserved h.koppdelaney

Even for her
Crow singing tuneless
Missing the upbeat

Crow swoops house
Sorrows at my morning
Fate is a song

Winter crow songs
leave me sighing
for summer long gone


June Perkins


3 thoughts on “Three Haiku on Crow

  1. I’m excited by this new blog of yours June. I love haiku and the images and feelings they invoke. I’m not as good at them as you are, but I still enjoy striving to be better at them.

    • I think Haiku just comes with practice, I look at my early efforts with some trepidation, but keep going until I feel their might be a greater understanding and conveyance of the form. I think it helped me to see the school formulas need not be followed and look to what others have done with it helped.

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