Shell Song

In the ocean of divine words
offerings of shelter
in the shell
a song

(c) Words and Image – June Perkins

No. 23 in the quest to 200

Joe Paczkowski


Send my Soul to Melody

Acoustic soul
Guitar ladder made of strings
Sending notes to the brilliant stars

You are my torrent of light
Make me a shining lamp
Send my soul to melody

(c) Words and Images June Perkins


Joe Paczkowski

No 21-22 in the Quest to 200


by thunder and ambulance tears
today felt in need of a reset

But somehow
rain washed punctuation
into a poem

The poem
full of gentle phrasing delighted in
torrents of light

Words, by June Perkins

No 18 -20 in the Quest to 200

Joe Paczkowski

Where There is Love

The Father
finds that where there is love
there is always time for
beach combing

Between shoreline and ocean
questions about why
Will there be time to answer?


Joe Paczkowski

No. 15 and 16 on the Quest to 200



through curtains of devotion
opening her spiritual eyes

Her eyes look
beyond roses and thorns
their focus is the desire for dawn

Dawn understands prayers embrace
illumines inner being
With Amazing Grace


(c)  Words and Image, June Perkins

No. 10 -12 in the Journey to 200

Joe Paczkowski


‘Release me,’ said the soul
as if it were a bird
and the divine spirit heard

Bird song become
notes of prayers and lost ones longing for
the future boat’s arrival.


No.7 and 8 in the Journey 200

Joe Paczkowski