Cross Roads

A hint of purple
on cross roads of cobblestone
illumination beckons. . .

(c) Words and Image, June Perkins

No.9 on the Journey to 200

Joe Paczkowski




‘Release me,’ said the soul
as if it were a bird
and the divine spirit heard

Bird song become
notes of prayers and lost ones longing for
the future boat’s arrival.


No.7 and 8 in the Journey 200

Joe Paczkowski

Lost and Found

Lost and found vision
the ibis dreams her feather’s quest
equality has two wings

Lost and found visionary
ibis dreams her feather’s journey
in flight

Visionary sees
a feather’s potential to be
wing, pen or symbol

Lost ibis dreams
equality feathers in wings
giving new flight

(c) June Perkins, Words and Image

No 2-5 in the Quest to 200.

Joe Paczkowski

Story Boat

This boat has a story
it carries humanity’s dreams
in future unseen

(c) June Perkins, Word and Image

Gift – 200 Haiku for the Bicentennial, aiming for a 19 syllable structure though.

No 1. in the Quest to 200.


Joe Paczkowski

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